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Boogie Town (2012) DVD Releases

 Boogie Town (2012) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 2012 (USA)

Director : Chris Stokes

Writers : Chris Stokes (story)

Star Cast: Marques Houston, Brenda Song, Kat Graham

Brief: BOOGIE TOWN, a modern day West side Story for the hip hop generation, takes place in a New York City of the future. There’s no more violence, no more drugs – in their place are illegal dance contests, which occur in the underground world of “Boogie Town.” Micha and Jay, leaders of rival dancing crews, acquire superpowers which take the contests to new levels. Despite the animosity between the two gangs, Micha falls in love with Jay’s beautiful sister Natalie and the two become a future-day Romeo and Juliet.

Rating:Rated R

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Boogie Town (2012) DVD Releases
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