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Candleshoe (1977) DVD Releases

 Candleshoe (1977) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 16 December 1977 (USA)

Director : Norman Tokar

Writers : David Swift (screenplay), Rosemary Anne Sisson (screenplay)

Star Cast: Jodie Foster, David Niven, Helen Hayes

Brief: Small time crook Harry Bundage discovers that the old manor house where Lady St. Edmund resides, with three orphans and her butler Priory is the resting place for a hoard of treasure. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know where it is. Bundage recruits urchin Casey Brown to dupe Lady St. Edmund into thinking that she is her long-lost granddaughter, so she can search for clues to the location of the treasure.

Rating: Rated G

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Candleshoe (1977) DVD Releases
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