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For Thine Is the Kingdom (2014) DVD Releases

 For Thine Is the Kingdom (2014) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 31 October 2014 (USA)

Director : Joshua Coates, Melvin Williams

Writers : Joshua Coates

Star Cast: Danny Aiello, DMX, Clifton Davis

Brief: For decades, many have speculated of an evil force controlling a secret society in Hollywood. Many believe in order to graduate from famous to the level of a “mega star”, he or she would have to sell their-soul? The question is, to who or to what? What if you had the chance to be the greatest entertainer of all time? With all of the money, power, and respect, along with everything and everyone at your beck and call. What would one trade for that level of celebrity? Raheem Myers, an aspiring actor, crosses paths with the one person who controls it all, Clayton Max, the most powerful executive in entertainment. Raheem, desperate and down on his luck, makes a deal that will cost him more then he can pay. While enjoying his new found fame and fortune, his life begins to turn as he realizes he’s in too deep.

Rating: Rated R

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For Thine Is the Kingdom (2014) DVD Releases
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