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Hi-Jacked (1950) DVD Releases

  Hi-Jacked (1950) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 7 July 1950 (USA)

Director : Sam Newfield

Writers : Orville H. Hampton (screenplay), Fred Myton (screenplay)

Star Cast: Jim Davis, Marcia Mae Jones, Sid Melton

Brief: A truck driver stops on a rainy road at night to help a stranded motorist, but it turns out to be a ruse–he is attacked, knocked out and his truck stolen. Since he has a criminal record, the police immediately suspect he’s involved in the hijacking, and their suspicions are reinforced later when he is discovered–unknown to him–to be hauling stolen merchandise. He realizes he is being set up as a fall guy by the organization behind the truck hijackings, and he and a friend set out to determine who is trying to set him up, and why.

Rating: Rated R

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Hi-Jacked (1950) DVD Releases
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