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Incident (1948) DVD Releases

 Incident (1948) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 30 October 1948 (USA)

Director : William Beaudine

Writers : Harry Lewis (story), Fred Niblo Jr. (screenplay)

Star Cast: Warren Douglas, Jane Frazee, Robert Osterloh

Brief: Stockbroker Joe Downey(Warren Douglas), mistaken in the dark for gangster “Slats” Slattery (Robert Osterloh), is brutally beaten by a rival gangster, “Knuckles” Morgan (Meyer Grace), and Downey winds up in jail on a drunk charge. His sweetheart, Marion Roberts (Jane Frazee), and friend, Bill (Harry Lauter), obtain his release, and then the three set out to find and warn the intended-victim. This pulls them into some violent incidents, including a hijacking and a murder.

Rating: Approved

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Incident (1948) DVD Releases
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