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Mohabbatein (2000) DVD Releases

 Mohabbatein (2000) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 27 October 2000 (India)

Director : Aditya Chopra

Writers : Aditya Chopra

Star Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Uday Chopra

Brief: In India, open romance is forbidden, as is showing affection in public. A college principal named Narayan is a strong believer in this, aware that a male student named Vicky is in love with Ishika; while another male student is hopelessly in love with Sanjana; and a third man named Karan is in love with a married woman named Kiran. No amount of persuasion can get Narayan to change his mind. Then the college recruits a music teacher named Raj, who eventually starts fanning the flames of love among the students, much to Narayan’s chagrin, anger, and displeasure.

Rating: Rated U

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Mohabbatein (2000) DVD Releases
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