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Strange Illusion (1945) DVD Releases

 Strange Illusion (1945) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 31 March 1945 (USA)

Director : Edgar G. Ulmer

Writers : Adele Comandini (screenplay), Fritz Rotter (original story)

Star Cast: Jimmy Lydon, Sally Eilers, Warren William

Brief: Paul, a young man whose father was once lieutenant Governor of California before his untimely death, has a strange, recurring dream in which his mother falls in love with a dangerous man (Brett Curtis), a dream which also contains the image of his father’s death in an automobile accident under mysterious circumstances. Through the help of his friend, a psychiatrist, Paul realizes that his dream is coming true, and that his mother is falling under Curtis’s influence. Curtis, in fact, is a homicidal maniac who lives as an out-patient at the sanitarium of the unscrupulous Dr. Muhlbach. When Curtis makes an attempt to marry Paul’s mother, Paul intervenes, and after a series of events discovers the truth behind his dreams.

Rating: Approved

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Strange Illusion (1945) DVD Releases
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