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The Red Machine (2009) DVD Releases

 The Red Machine (2009) DVD Releases

Date of Releases : 2010 (USA)

Director : Stephanie Argy, Alec Boehm

Writers : Joshua Coates

Star Cast: Lee Perkins, Donal Thoms-Cappello, Meg Brogan

Brief: Washington, DC, 1935: At the height of the Great Depression, a charming and irrepressible young thief is forced to help an icy and mysterious United States Navy spy steal a brand new device that the Japanese military is using to encode its top-secret messages. During the mission, which is complicated by the spy’s dark past in Tokyo, the two discover that they are pawns in a larger game. Together, they devise an intricate but risky scheme to outwit the people trying to use them.

Rating: Rated R

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The Red Machine (2009) DVD Releases
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